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We solve interesting financial puzzles for our clients and implement practical solutions

Supply Chain Finance for Rapid Growth

Jigsaw Capital assists SME’s (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in increasing profits and revenues the simplest way imaginable: using existing assets to fund further growth.

Better Business Finance Solutions

​Business owners miss opportunities when they treat the finance function as the stepchild of the enterprise rather than the driving force. 

Finance drives everything — from ability to complete the deal to the actual structuring of a deal gaining customer approval.  An assessment of finance possibilities may lead to a different marketing strategy because of finance restrictions. Or you may save time and money by learning that a deal cannot be financed.  This liberates you to work productively on deals that can be done. Or you may find that the purchase order you thought was too big is easily financed after all, which leads to much more rapid growth.

In our experience, the most successful businessmen are those whose use of cash is the best organized. They use OPM (other people's money) when necessary, keeping their own company cash liquid for the unexpected opportunity. Jigsaw Capital advises on and arranges financing for growing businesses of all types, with a special emphasis on import/export, and the finance of international trade.  We’re equally adept at financing domestic transactions within most major world economies.

When we consult with our clients, we keep the bigger picture in mind, and we help clients to understand how they fit into the finance world, and conversely, how the finance world fits in to their business.  We treat every client relationship as a finance puzzle to be solved by putting the right pieces in the right places.

Smart financing is your lever to growth.  Your own money will only go so far;  after that, you either use other people's money, or you sit on the sidelines waiting for your own capital to get free.  

Once we understand the business opportunities before you, we’ll help you solve your particular financing puzzle.  You know, like a jigsaw puzzle, fitting the right pieces together. 

Letters of Credit

Letters of Credit

Finance, Uncollateralized, Standby

We have arranged issuance of LC's to our clients' suppliers located in a number of countries: in Africa, we've delivered to Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Egypt; in Asia, to Bangladesh, India, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan; in the middle East, Turkey and UAE.

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Receivables & Purchase Order Finance

Next Steps

Opening letters of credit for our clients is a simple process:

  1. Client fills out the application

  2. We prepare a draft Letter of Credit for review by client and supplier

  3. Once the draft is approved client pays the opening charges, and provides simple paperwork like the company's certificate of incorporation and passport of authorized signer

  4. Upon receipt of payment, the letter of credit is then issued

If you're interested in working with us to expand your import capacity, please fill out the form below and we'll send you an application.

+1 917 439 6918 

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