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Douglas Friedenberg is principal of Jigsaw Capital and responsible for its day-to-day operations.  In that role, he assesses the financing deals that cross his desk and shows clients how to create a financeable deal structure, taking into account the capabilities and limitations of the deal principals.  He then arranges financing based on proper arrangement of the transaction, when and if possible.

Doug has dealt with finance for much of his career, beginning as a stockbroker with Dean Witter Reynolds back in the pre-history of today's financial markets.  Along the way, he also worked at L. F. Rothschild and spent eight years at Morgan Stanley in their high net worth/mini-institutional group before it merged with Dean Witter.    During his time at Morgan Stanley, he managed portfolios utilizing the convertible arbitrage strategy, and this led to the inception of a convertible arbitrage hedge fund which he ran for a number of years.

During this time, he also wrote an occasional commentary for Hedge Fund Review, an early hedge fund industry publication.  His work led to an invitation to write similar material for, which covers the private investment industry, and he has taken up computer keyboard to make occasional contributions there.

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