Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The worldwide scramble for PPE, triggered by Covid-19, is hindered by the lack of trade finance knowledge in medical and government institutions when so many key products are produced in China. Jigsaw assists in financing the supply chain and identifying sources of supply.

Finance Structure Drives PPE (and Other) Deals

Timely delivery can mean the difference between life and death (for people you don't even know) in Covid-world. Proper deal structure enables maximum speed on the finance end.

We assist our clients in developing an efficient finance structure, which is based on the payment terms and creditworthiness of the end customer. Proper planning on deal structure can save a lot of time lost fixing the wrong structure mid-deal.

We have a long-standing relationship with one HK-based supplier of PPE, who is also a factory owner in China with numerous financial links to other FDA and CE certified factories in China.

Products available include:

  • medical goggles

  • medical protective suits

  • Isolation protective suits

  • isolation medical shoe covers

  • isolation masks

  • 3-ply sterile masks

  • KN95 protective masks (FFP2)

  • KN95 medical masks (not into USA)

  • N95 NIOSH approved

  • Examination latex-free sterile gloves

  • Powder free disposable gloves

Anyone importing from China knows that Chinese suppliers are now requiring 50% advance deposit, with balance due prior to shipping. Those conditions make outside finance difficult, since most finance professionals will not make unsecured deposits. Our colleague in Hong Kong will accept a smaller initial deposit, made to a first class HK bank, and will finance orders against LC's we can provide for customers. Ultimate settlement would be cash against documents, settled bank to bank against shipping documents, which documents would include an SGS report which is a standard means of verifying the validity of the products being shipped.

We are also in touch with a US manufacturer of hand sanitizer, which is a current fan favorite amongst the PPE crowd. Reach out if you have interest in North American production. Shipping outside the US is possible and feasible depending on your timeline.

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