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US Rural Lending Program

Niche Real Estate Finance in the Rural United States

According to an article in Infodocket, only 4.0% (780) of all US cities had a population of 50,000 or more in 2019, yet nearly 39% of the U.S. population (127.8 million) live in those cities. Let me put that another way: 61% of the US population, or over 192 million people, live in towns of under 50,000 population. 

It might seem odd to classify real estate finance covering 97% of US land as being niche, but if it's not well-known, it really is a specialty area. Businesses domiciled in those towns may be eligible for business/real estate-related loans, usually from $1 million on up, with substantial government guarantees behind them. 

We have partnered with a real estate finance group that serves as the front end of that program. As a result, for businesses located in areas that contain the majority of Americans, we can offer a pathway to finance which is anything but obvious.

Folks who might benefit may include some of the clients we've met at the Seafood Expo or Fancy Food show, back in the pre-Covid era when they used to have those things. It would also be suitable for private equity firms with facilities in the less populated areas, or real estate investors there.

Just thinking out loud here, it seems that the combo of lower rural real estate prices plus finance is a market inefficiency upon which quite a few of our readers could capitalize.

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