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US Foreign Lending Program

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Highlights For Non US Citizens

1) Leverage: is 50% of the value of the subject property 
2) Rate: the rate depends on if the property is an investment or owner occupied (second home) 
3) Lender can offers a 2/1, 5/1 and 7/1 ARM 
4) The Amortization and life of the loan is for 30 years 
5) Lender does not charge any points 
6) Lender does not require the borrower to deposit funds at lender institution in order to receive the loan 
7) Lender does not require the borrower to have established US credit or a social security number 
8) The borrower can apply for either a purchase request or to pull cash out of a property that is already owned 
9) The documentation required from the borrower to approve the loan is simple and not tedious 
10) Property types: 1 to 4 family, condo and co-ops 
11) Maximum loan size $10,000,000 but higher loan amounts are available by exception 
12) Lender will allow the title to be held in a US corporation that is owned by a non US corporation 
13) For investment properties we have a stream lined documentation process (see Cash Flow attachment) 
14) Lender also offers Bridge Loans, and lends on non warrantable condos and co-ops 
15) Lender closed a loan for $23,000,000 for a foreign national from Russia on a condo purchase request in Manhattan and we also recently closed a loan for $11,000,000 for a foreign national from South Africa on a condo refi cashout request in Manhattan.




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