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#PPE, #SupplyChainFinance, and the #NitrileGlove Scramble

It takes a long time to build a plant that makes nitrile gloves. There are many more hoops to go through than going into the three-ply mask production business. This implies that supply-demand issues are likely to push product prices higher. Establishing your supply chain and finance structure are timely, even before you get around to meeting escalating and continuing demand. We work with a partner in Hong Kong skilled in liaisons with factories in Southeast Asia who has some additional finance capacity.

That connection can also arrange finance against an incoming letter of credit, which eases the burden on foreign buyers who are reluctant to ship large chunks of capital overseas. We believe this is a more effective pathway towards developing continuing supply, and Jigsaw can assist in setting you up.

reluctant to make deposits overseas. We can greatly reduce the amount of

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